How Do I Contact Japan Airlines Customer Service?

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Japan Airlines has served as one of the largest airlines of 2022. It is based in Shinagawa, Tokyo. It operates both domestically and internationally covering 220 destinations in 35 countries worldwide.

Talking about the customers and passengers of Japan Airlines, Japan Airlines has a systematized customer support department that serves customers 24X7.

Let us know more about Japan Airlines Customer Services by referring to the given frequently asked questions: -

What is Japan Airlines’ Customer Support Phone Number?

Any customer can contact or make an inquiry at Japan Airlines just at a dial of a contact number.

To directly talk to the representative at Japan Airlines’ customer support department, you may dial 1-800-525-3663. This will directly connect you to the representative and let you enquire with the help of different voicemails -

  • Press 1 – for language selection.
  • Press 2 – enquire about Japan Airlines’ status.
  • Press 3 – to know about pet policies.
  • Press 4 – to cancel the existing reservations/bookings.
  • Press 5 – rescheduling the tickets.
  • Press 7 – to connect directly to the customer service agent.

On pressing the required number, you will be reverted soon regarding your queries.

What is Japan Airlines’ 24-hours Contact Service Number?

Japan Airlines work 24X7 to help its customers. It is ever ready to provide any assistance required by its customers. Customers can dial 1-800-525-3663 to contact the service department and can enquire about their flights, bookings, reservations, cancellations, and other queries they want to ask.

What is Japan Airlines’ Customer Service Email?

Japan Airlines provide several alternatives for its customers to contact them. Varying from phone calls to email assistance, each type of alternative is available to the customers to contact as to what is more suitable.

Anybody who wants to contact them via e-mail can write a mail to the airline at jal_priority/@/ A response will be given to the customers within 24 hours.

Emails are the alternatives that overcome all the shortcomings of a phone call, such as network issues. It also gives those customers an opportunity who feel reluctant to directly talk over the phone call.

Does Japan Airlines Provide an Option for Live Chat?

Japan Airlines does provide an option for live chat. Live chat is an instant remedy to any of the issues faced by customers. Customers can follow the given simple steps to access the option for live chat:

  • Visit Japan Airlines’ official website.
  • Scroll down to the contact us option.
  • Tap on the chat icon shown at the bottom corner.
  • Now you will be required to log into your account.
  • Enter the relevant credentials.
  • Choose the text field.
  • Enter your question or query. 
  • You will directly be connected to the agent.

What is Japan Airlines’ Office Address?

Anybody who physically wants to get solutions to their queries or wants to make inquiries then he may visit Japan Airlines’ office. Japan Airlines’ office is situated in Germany at Frankfurt Airport.

The full address is – Cargo City, South, Bldg. 537 60549, Main Germany.

How Can I Check in at Japan Airlines?

Anybody who wants to make an online check-in at Japan Airlines should follow the given steps: -

  • Visit the official website of Japan Airlines, or log into the mobile app.
  • Now access the check-in option on the screen.
  • Enter the required details as the passenger’s name and the ticket number.
  • Opt for the desirable seats and baggage options.
  • You will be provided the boarding pass.
  • The same boarding pass will be sent to the passenger’s registered email also.
  • Passengers can either use the e-boarding pass or they can make a printout to get a hard copy of the same.

Here, we have tried to cover a major part regarding the customer service department of Japan Airlines. Hope this may have helped you.

For more information and details you can visit the official website of Japan Airlines.

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