How to Contact Sata Azores Airlines?

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How to Contact Sata Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines are based at Ponta, Delgada. Azores Airlines is the flag carrier of Portugal. It is well known for giving efficient services to its customers. It provides strong support to its customers and helps them to seek instant redressal to their problems and queries.

Let us know more about Azores Airlines’ customer services by referring to the given FAQs:


How to call Azores Airlines from Portugal?

If you are currently in Portugal and wish to connect with the Azores Airlines’ customer service department over the call then you will have to follow the given steps:

  1. Dial the phone number of the customer support department of Azores Airlines. The phone number is +1-(855) 583-7475/+351-296-209-720.
  2. You will be required to choose a language from the menu.
  3. Listen carefully to all the instructions that are being directed on the call.
  4. You will need to – 
  • Press 1: for the bookings.
  • Press 2: manage/ cancel your bookings.
  • Press 3: to make general inquiries.
  • Press #: to directly connect to the live agent at Azores Airlines.

This is how passengers may have a telephonic conversation at Azores Airlines and can ask any kind of query they want.


What are Azores Airlines’ opening hours in Portugal?

Azores Airlines works for 12 hours a day. The Airlines open at 9 in the morning and serve till 9 in the evening. Any customer who wants to contact the team can contact them in the given timeline and get their queries answered.


How can a customer contact Sata Azores Airlines via phone?

Any passenger who wishes to connect to the representative at the airline via phone can dial (+1)855-583-7475/(+1)508 677 0555. This will help the passenger to make any inquiry they want to and to get answers to their queries. This is the instant remedy to customers’ problems that help them to get immediate and appropriate solutions.


In case, if a passenger fails to connect to the agent over the call, he can use the other mediums available to contact the representative.


How can a customer contact Sata Azores Airlines via e-mail?

SATA Azores Airlines provides various ways for its customers helping them to make easy contacts. Customers can connect with the customer support department by writing their queries in the form of mail and mailing the same to This serves as the most convenient way to register their queries without any halt or pause.

The agents at the support department would revert to their queries within 48 hours. Customers will be provided with relevant answers to their queries and any information asked.


How can a customer contact Sata Azores Airlines via Live Chat?

Any customer can connect to the live chat with the agent of the Airlines by following the steps as given below: -

  • Visit the official website of Sata Azores Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the “contact us” option.
  • Click on the “online chat” option.
  • The chat window will appear on the screen.
  • You will be provided with the topics to chat on.
  • Select the topic you want to talk about.
  • You will be directed to more options to ask your query.
  • Customers can directly type their query in the chat box and can get immediate replies.


How can a customer contact Sata Azores Airlines via Social Media?

Social media is one of the most interesting and renowned ways to know about certain things. Customers can not only get their queries solved but can also know about different things using social media.

Any customer who wants to access the social media handle of Sata Azores Airlines can follow the given means:

  • Visit the official site of the airlines.
  • Scroll down to the social media icon.
  • Choose the desired platform as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Now tap on the message icon and type the desired query.
  • You will be reverted soon to the queries asked.



How can a customer contact Sata Azores Airlines via fax?

Any person who wants to send a fax to Sata Azores Airlines can send it using the number (+351) 296 288 631.


What is the office address of Sata Azores Airlines in Portugal?

Any person in Portugal who wishes to visit the office to make inquiries, book tickets, or make reservations can visit the Portugal branch of the airline situated at Esperanca 2, 9700-073 Angra Do Heroismo, Portugal.

The office timings are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It works 5 days a week, i.e., Monday to Friday.

Any person can visit within office hours and can make inquiries or book the tickets as the case may be. 

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Hope this may help you get in touch with Sata Azores Airlines.


Thank you for reading!



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