How Do I Claim Jet Blue Vouchers?

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Jet Blue Airlines vouchers, or Jet Blue Airlines travel credits, are an alternative way to make payments for reserved flights.

 Provided bookings should occur on the official website ( or via JetBlue App.

The following are the Frequently asked questions on how to use or claim Jet Blue Airlines' vouchers or travel credits:-

For more information about JetBlue Vouchers, call JetBlue customer service at +1 (855) 583-7475/(800) 538-2583. You will get the best assistance from their customer service team.


How Do I Claim My Jet Blue Compensation?


In case of delays, either on arrival or departure, where Jet Blue is responsible for such delays, customers are provided with certain compensations for their future travel.

The compensation scheme is as follows:-


  • Compensation in case of delays in departures


Delay Time

Compensation Credit

3-4:59 hours


5-5:59 hours


 Six or more hours



  • Compensation in case of delays in arrivals


Delay time

Compensation credit

1-1:59 hours


2-2:59 hours


Three or more hours



How Do I Use My Jet Blue Travel Voucher?


As mentioned on the travel certificate, a JetBlue Travel credit or a voucher should be used before the expiry date. The date of expiry is always mentioned on the travel certificate.

A travel voucher can be redeemed if used to make flight reservation payments through the official website or the JetBlue app.

It cannot be used for making payments for all other stuff.

The following are the steps guiding to use the voucher in making reservations for the flights:-


  • Visit the official website.
  • Scroll down to the booking window.
  • Tap on the booking option and enter the required details correctly. The details would relate to the timings, dates, and travel locations. 
  • Tap on the search button to select the desirable flights.
  • Provide all the details and contact information for timely updates.
  • Tap on the travel bank balance option and provide the correct voucher details.
  • Proceed with the payment.
  • A confirmation message will be reflected in the registered contact information.


While redeeming a voucher, the following points should be kept in mind:-


  • JetBlue travel vouchers can be used towards
  1. Making payments for the reservations done via the official website.
  2. JetBlue vacation package.
  3. Differences in airfare.


  • Vouchers do not apply to-

  1. Reservations done via sites other than JetBlue's official website.
  2. Non-air part of the vacation package.
  3. Recover the fee paid on checked bags, seat selection, and other ancillaries.
  4. Reservations done via partner airlines.


  • The customer must clearly mention his\her TruBlue membership details while making flight reservations. 
  • Travel credits might be applied towards new bookings or already existing bookings.
  • Travel credits can be applied in combination with the credit cards.
  • The customer will be granted a travel credit\ JetBlue voucher only upon entering the correct details.
  • The voucher should remain valid for a period not exceeding one year after the date of its issuance.
  • A voucher should be redeemed before its expiry, subject to its validity.
  • A voucher can be used to make bookings in the name of any person, not necessarily the person mentioned in the voucher.
  • A voucher issued for a round trip can be used to pay only for round trips. A round trip is not a substitute for two-one-way trips.


Can I Get My Money Out Of JetBlue Travel Bank?


When a travel certificate\ JetBlue voucher is granted to a customer, a corresponding travel bank account is created in his name. A travel bank is an online account where a customer can easily manage the credits that he receives.

Customers can manage their virtual travel account-

 -through the official website or

- the JetBlue App or

 -by signing into their TrueBlue Account if a customer is a TrueBlue Member.

Customers should note that travel bank credit cannot be refunded in original money form but can only be applied to new flight reservations. 

The original form of money cannot be refunded from a Trvel bank account of the customer.

However, in the case of add-ons and ancillary fees, customers are refunded the original money on the cancellation of flights.


How Long Does it Take For JetBlue Airlines To Refund Money?


JetBlue provides prompt enough when it comes to its refund policy.

On providing the necessary details, customers would get a refund of their money within 20 working days.


Can I Transfer JetBlue Credit To Another Person?


The nature of the travel credits/JetBlue vouchers is that they are fully transferable. Another person can use it, irrespective of the original name it carried at the time of issuance.

Customers should keep the following points in mind in case of transferring the travel credits:-


  • The person buying the voucher should authorize another person to use the travel credit. An unauthorized transfer would not be valid.
  • Such other person should provide the name and details of the original allottee for verification purposes.
  • A travel credit\voucher is transferred to the other person after meeting the above criterion


Can We Use JetBlue Travel Credit For Someone Else?


There may be cases where a person buying the travel credits cannot apply the same in his own name. In such a case, he may apply his travel credits for somebody else in his place.

JetBlue Airlines also allows its customers to apply travel credits for another person. It is done to avoid unpredictable cancellations. 


Can I Sell My Jet Blue Travel Credit?


JetBlue Airlines permits its customers to sell travel credits to generate instant cash. Any customer who wishes to sell his travel credits should bear the following points in his mind:-


  • Customers can either sell the whole of their travel credits or any part thereof. 
  • Customers should adhere to all the terms and conditions.
  • No customer should violate the terms and conditions.


The FAQs have tried to cover the major scope of travel credits\JetBlue vouchers. The core intent is to help customers to clarify their doubts.

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Hope you find it useful!


Have a safe and relaxing journey!




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