How to Transfer Delta Miles to Air France

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Delta Airlines is one of the 7th largest airlines in Northern America. It is also considered one of the best airlines for both international and domestic destinations. It provides Delta Customer service numbers that support flight booking, flight changing, cancellations and refunds, or special assistance. They provide various channels to resolve passengers' issues by contacting live people, they will help you in resolving any problem or issue that you are facing.

Exploring the rewards programs and their benefits.

You can use Delta SkyMiles to book flights on Air France, and if you're a SkyMiles member you can get special rewards like lounge access and priority services.

Delta Airlines and Air France are two companies that have joined together to make travel easier. They are part of a program called SkyMiles, which will help you get miles when you travel with them. You can use those miles to get discounts on future flights.

Can I Transfer Delta Miles to Air France? 

You can use the miles from your Delta Airlines account to book a flight on Air France if they are partners. To do this, follow the steps Delta Airlines gives you on their website.

Procedure to use your Delta miles for Air France: - 

  • Log in on the official website of Air France.
  • Select the flight button to book a flight with Air France.
  • Further, fill in all the important details asked in the flight option. 
  • Tap on the “Make Payment” option.
  • You will be given different options to make transactions.
  • Select the button associated with making the transactions with the miles of the partnered airlines. 
  • Move on with that payment button and apply your Delta miles.

Delta Airlines miles can be applied to book a flight ticket with Air France. You can also shop and book accommodations and lounges with the Delta miles.

Do Delta Airlines Codeshare With Air France? 

Delta Airlines and Air France are both part of the SkyMiles family. If you fly with Delta, you can use the Delta website or their app to check in for flights operated by Air France. This helps you get extra benefits. 

How to Use Delta Miles on Air France? 

You can use your Delta miles while traveling on Air France in the procedure quoted below;

  • You can use your miles and acquire into the privileged club. 
  • You can buy and pay with Delta miles. 
  • You can effortlessly book your ticket flight on Air France Airlines with Delta miles. 
  • You can select your seat on your ticket flight.
  • You can get an allotment to carry additional baggage based on the number of miles you have.

Can I Transfer Delta Miles to Another Airline?

Unfortunately no, transferring Delta Miles to another airline is not available. However, Delta Airlines has a special program called SkyMiles which partners with other airlines. If you travel with those partners, then you can use your Delta miles to get discounts.

Can I Transfer my Delta Points to Air France?

You can't transfer your Delta miles to Air France, but you can use them to book a flight with Air France or to shop and pay with the miles since Delta and Air France are part of the same SkyMiles program.

You can use Delta miles to get a flight on Air France. Both airlines are partners, so you can use your Delta miles to book an Air France flight. You can also get extra benefits like more baggage allowance and choosing your seat.



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